Cardamom Pears (recipe)

This is a simple yet elegant dessert that can be quickly prepared with nearly no work. There are certain ingredients that not everyone has on hand that will need to be acquired in advance, however.

Vanilla Cardamom Pears

Allow pears to ripen until they are ready to eat.

Cut the pears in half lengthwise and remove the stem and core. A melon baller works great for this and creates a pleasing round hole that can later be filled with the liquid when serving. Remove the bottom stem as well. Place pears upside down in a skillet and cover with water to about ½ inch below the top of the skillet. Add 2 Tbsp. vanilla extract, 1 Tbsp cardamom seeds, and three or four drops of orange oil.

Cover and simmer until the pears are soft but not mushy, between 10 and 20 minutes depending on the type of pear. Serve in individual small bowls with the hole side up and a few spoons of the water and cardamom seeds spooned over the top.

Serve warm. I prefer this recipe with no added sweetener, but a small amount of sugar or honey gives them a bit of a lift.

Lavender and Rose Cardamom Pears

Follow the recipe above but do not use vanilla. Instead, add ½ tsp of lavender extract,  ½ tsp of rose water, 2- 3 drops of orange or lemon oil, and 1-1/2 tsp of honey.

Maple Pears

Follow the recipe above for peeling, slicing and adding water.

Then add 1 -2 Tbsp Dark Maple Syrup

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